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Sally Dewhurst

Sally Dewhurst

Principal at Oxford Science Enterprises

Sally joined Oxford Science Enterprises in February 2021, bringing over 8 years of oncology-focused research experience from world-leading academic institutions.

She works on uncovering new opportunities across the Life Sciences and supports the creation of new biotech businesses as well as the management of the existing portfolio.

Sally was previously an Anderson Cancer Center Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Rockefeller University in New York where her research focused on genetic instability at the very earliest stages of cancer development. Prior to this, she completed a PhD at the Francis Crick Institute in London where she uncovered an important role for polypoid cells in driving cancer evolution.

Academic research that Sally has contributed to has been published in leading journals including Nature Genetics, Nature Communications and Cancer Discovery.

Sally has also studied corporate finance at NYU, and consulted for The Solution Lab.